Essay Writing Tips - Complete an Impressive Essay

Essay writing seems like a daunting task for college students. Usually, the author is required to express personal impressions and judgments related to a specific phenomenon, issue, or topic. It is akin to a special kind of creative writing. Each of us faced the need to complete an essay at least once, thus, it could be a part of homework. However, even though you have some experience, it can still seem to be a kind of challenge. In this case, it is better to break your essay down into small steps since it will simplify your task, and it will not seem so scary.

1. Choose the subject

Usually, there are two possible options. You either decide on what topic to write your essay, or you can be given the subject. At this stage, you should reflect on the topic you want to write about. If you don’t know where to start – try to understand what emotions you want to evoke. Is the purpose of your essay to inform or persuade readers? If your task is to provide information, choose a topic that you know well. And if it is about some persuasion, you should write about something you are passionate about. Imagine that you need to persuade your classmate to help you, but words like, "Please, do my science homework for me" are not enough. The main driving force of the essay should be your interest.

2. Write down your ideas

To write an impressive essay, you should put your thoughts in order. Write down all your thoughts on the topic. To create a scheme, put the crucial idea in the spot and come up with several branches (4-5). You can draw several lines from the ideas and write down any additional thoughts about the topic. This approach will help you make your essay look structured.

3. Create the essential thesis

When you have finished with central ideas, it is time to move on to the essential thesis of your masterpiece. It is about one sentence that describes the key statement of the work as accurately and concisely as possible. Usually, the main thesis is placed right after the first paragraph.

4. Write the body

It states, clarifies, or defines the mission of your work. Each crucial idea will turn into a separate part of the body. And each paragraph should be structured in the same way. Take one of the valuable ideas and turn it into the opening phrase. Then add a supplementary description, but don’t overdo. You should have about 4 lines between the points to go back and add details and maybe even a living example to support your position. You should connect all the thoughts.

5. Write the introduction

It should necessarily draw the attention of the readers and demonstrate the focus of your work. Start with thoughts that will attract the reader's eye. Besides, you can add a quote here. Whichever method you pick, make sure it is connected with your thesis that completes your introduction.

6. Write the conclusion

It summarizes your general ideas, creating the final impression. It is like a cherry on the pie. It shouldn’t be too long, so about 4 sentences will be enough.

7. Put the final touches

You haven’t finished your essay yet because different small details can play a bad joke with you. So, you should double check everything. For example, you should put the strongest arguments in the first and last subparagraphs of the body, while the rest should be placed in the middle. Your text should have sense, and it must be without grammar and punctuation mistakes.