How I met Cardi B! Narrative Essay

I met her at a club in Miami she was with Yung Miami from the group city girls and with her hubby Offset her baby was at home when I met her I started crying. She was like don’t cry its ok when I saw her. I was like heyyy cardi and she was like okurrr she just had got done doing a show .So she was pretty tired from it she asked me do I want to go to her hotel that she was Staying in it was super nice inside of it well it did cost about 5,000 a day but she has lot of body guards it was scary they were very big.

Then she ordered seafood but I don’t eat it so I got a 200$ stake I was u sure I can get this she was like yeaa get what u want and offset got a whole.Lot of stuff like a burger fires crabs that he didn’t eat all of it. Cardi was like u be throwing all that good food away. That I had called my aunt she I asked can I go with cardi to the studio and she was making this song called money. I like it a lot it goes like I was born to flex diamonds on my neck and on and on but the song was fire that she released the song it was on the charts as number one for like 2 weeks I was like dang cardi u did it.

When she won a Grammy she performed that hit song money people loved it I was like she did it yayy she was tired from it though she doesn’t like when people judge her in her past but. It’s not cool when people thinks it’s funny but I was like people do things to get where people are. They at like like when they was talking about how she drug men. And rob them but when some rappers kill people people love them because. Of that so I told her all that and o hope I made her feel b love cardi b she is such a real person she is very funny she not like the other female. Rappers she cool she is funny I like how she loves to make money just like I do like I love how wants to prove people wrong that she is not what u think she a ghetto hood rat she can prove it to me she is the best rapper out here in the game right now

It was about time to go for me because it was but I didn’t want to but she didn’t want me to go offset didn’t want me to go to but I had a lot of fun with cardi she is a real person and I want to be like her in high school very smart and passing. My classes but to other people she is a dumb girl but to me she is a smart person to me. Nice and chill to me I used to think about rapping but I bad at it. But I cried when I had to go she is cool to me I know I say cool a lot but she is really cool to me. And I wish her the best life her and her kid and her hubby

And she is very sad now that I am leaving its sad day to me and cardi told me that she does now want to fight no more it makes her. Look bad she does not like fighting she is a mom now. I was like yea you do then she told me that her baby girl cant breath right she was crying but like its ok .cardi but offset don’t like to talk that much he said they don’t telling people everything. But there cool to nice offset just looks mad as always but her is not. but I was like its all cool I was dead

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